Hi readers, Its Aaron here, from the front desk of HAIR JUNKIE SALON and I am so excited to write a little bit today about one of my favorite trends for fall. I LOVE CRANBERRY! From the tart flavors of cranberry sauce with a Thanksgiving feast to incorporating the wonderful rich cranberry color into home décor, fashion, hair, makeup, and even accessories. Cranberry is an awesome autumn trend that can take you from mid-October, through Thanksgiving, Christmas/Hanukkah and all the way through to New Year’s Eve.


Using the gorgeous deep red hues of cranberry as a hair and makeup inspiration has never been easier. If you’re currently a rich brunette you might consider asking your colorist for a deep cranberry glaze, to enhance shine and reflection. If you’re a redhead and looking for a change, perhaps consider asking your colorist to deepen you red locks to a darker, richer shade for the fall. Blondes, don’t worry, you can incorporate this cranberry craze into your makeup looks for fall. Gorgeous deep cranberry lips have never been hotter, almost every brand you could imagine has a product to achieve the look you desire. From liquid lipsticks that dry with a matte or velvet finish, to lip crayons that “stain” the lips for a just bitten look, there is a product out there for everyone…


Cranberry Accessories are an even easier way to get a touch of this dramatic autumn color. Consider a new handbag or a great pair of leather boots that will last you for years to come. Or maybe a pair of cranberry velvet pants to wear to one of your many holiday functions? How about a cranberry beret? (See what I did there, LOL)


Cranberries in home décor are super-hot right now… a Faux-cranberry wreath on your front door is a great way to welcome guests over for autumn and holiday festivities.


Incorporating cranberry flavors into foods can quickly inspire the feelings of autumn in just about anyone! Cranberry scones, cranberry sauce or how about a cranberry sangria? Sounds great to me!  Why not try adding a little cranberry into your life today?