Let’s face it we’re all stressed! So, your hair probably is too.

Getting caught in the rat race of life leaves little or no time for ourselves.

The environment, hair color, hot tools, swimming, what we eat, all has an enormous effect on one of the most vital accessories, OUR HAIR!! So what do we do for our hair with the little time we have? Simple, with these easy steps, you can revive dull strands…

If your needs are:


  • Wash hair less frequently, lathering only the scalp. Let shampoo run through when rinsing. Or use a cleansing conditioner (great for curly hair)
  • Use a moisturizing conditioner with every shampoo, make sure to comb through to evenly distribute.
  • Apply a hair mask once or twice a week.
  • Before blow drying or use of hot tools use a heat protectant.

Hair Junkie faves

  • KMS Moist repair shampoo, conditioner,
  • KMS cleansing conditioner
  • Goldwell dual senses rich repair 60-second treatment
  • KMS Therma shape straightening crème
  • KMS Therma shape 2+1 styling and finishing spray

Frizz reduction

  • Wash hair with a shampoo specifically designed for frizz reduction
  • Condition hair with frizz prevention conditioner
  • Use a leave-in conditioner before blow drying to add some weight to the hair, this is done so frizz lays down instead of sticking up.
  • Apply smoothing crème to hair, pre-blow dry

Hair Junkie faves

  • KMS Tame frizz shampoo and conditioner
  • KMS Tame frizz smoothing reconstructor
  • KMS Tame frizz leave in conditioner
  • KMS Tame frizz smoothing lotion

Consult a stylist at Hair Junkie salon to find out which plan works best for you and your hair…